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  • 푸르른 바다를 지키기 위한 든든한 디딤돌
  • 푸르른 바다를 지키기 위한 든든한 디딤돌

About Us

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Operating education by law : Managerial process in marine pollution prevention.
Transferring education of Managerial process in marine pollution prevention from Fisheries HRD Institute, Korea Institute of Maritime and Fisheries Technology.(January, 2011)
International Convention for reaction and preparation of the sea pollution accident.
Fulfilling obligation of International Convention(OPRC) about reaction and preparation of oil pollution, to be designated Education Institute following NCP and impart Oil Spill Training courses
Necessity of growing technical people who prepare for oil-spill accident.
Improvement of growing technical people for preparation for pollution accident. It is caused by oil-spill accident ‘Hebei Spirit’(7th December, 2007).
Strengthening international cooperation between neighboring countries.
Re-awareness of importance about joint-clean-up-construction among local or neighboring countries(Japan, China, Russia, etc) for preparation for huge pollution accidents.
Establishment a bridgehead for opening education training center(NOWPAP E&T) and equipment for cleaning up of NOWPAP
Improvement awareness through marine environment education and work-study.
Marine environment education for awareness of importance for marine environment to public citizens and students.
Supporting service of variety customized education with expanding educational fields about marine environment.
Improvement awareness through marine environment education and work-study.
Securing facilities for performing research and development-business of marine environment fields
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